Several European and South American instructors/training organizations are representing themselves as being ASAA-affiliated or inferring such to promote themselves and their own training agenda. 

At present, ASAA has no active European or South American affiliates -- all such affiliates are operating solely in the United States. Thus, any representation or inference to being ASAA-affiliated or supposed ASAA certifications given by any individual/organization outside the USA are blatantly false.


The Handgun, 3-Weapon and 4-Weapon Combat Master training programs and the Combat Master certification were created by Chuck Taylor in 1982 and are thus the sole property of CTASAA.  No other instructor/institution is authorized by CTASAA to conduct such training or certify candidates. There are several instructors/institutions claiming to offer CM certification; however, prospective enrollees in such programs are advised that their programs and certifications are not recognized.

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"The training provided by you has been greatly useful, applicable, necessary and has received top-notch reviews from all the students, without exception."

USSF Opns & Training

Here's what others have to say:

"All I can say is...A True Professional!" -- MSG D.B., Team Sergeant

"Your services contributed to the the success of the organization during combat operations in Iraq.  Your dedication, professionalism and selfless service is truly appreciated."  -- CW2 J.F., Team Commander

"Thanks for the superb instruction during the recent course.  Your dedication to providing us with the best training possible is a testament to your patriotism and support for the U.S. Army Special Operations community." -- CPT S.F., Team Commander


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  Chuch Taylor
No Hype,
No Gimmicks,
No Come-ons,
No Egos.

Just state-of-the-art weapons and tactics training for a fair price, taught by a competent, friendly instructional staff with real-world experience.

Chuck personally guarantees your satisfaction, or your course is free!

ASAA is unique in the weapons / tactics training industry because it has refined and erfected the "Tactical Mind Set," as opposed to the "Firing Range" or "Competition" mind set. All techniques and tactics are created from this erspective and reflect recognizance of the Real World. Constant attention is given to how the competition / firing range mind set can be suicidal in a life-threatening environment. In short, ASAA is not "just another Modern Technique" school.

One of the many things at which ASAA excels is it's ability to give students a realistic perspective rather than forcing someone's personal choices on them. Chuck views his profession as being the art / science of preparing students to think, realistically and from a life-saving perspective, and then to bring them to their highest level of weapon handling / shooting efficiency.

Chuck Taylor's ASAA requires - and receives - more from its students. Thus, they consistently outperform students of other instructional institutions in both actual gunfights and on the range.

While attending one course at Chuck Taylor's American Small Arms Academy you'll see a true purpose-based organization in action. You'll train in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. No bootcamp attitudes or egos being flexed. --Just the best instructional program ever devised, taught by the best instructors in the business. In fact, Taylor personally guarantees your satisfaction or your course is free!

ASAA also has an unparalleled safety record. During ASAA's existence, it has never had a student personal injury, property damage accident, or negligent discharge. This is due to mandatory weapon handling procedures that are taught prior to any further instructional activities.


Chuck personally guarantees your satisfaction, or your course is free!

ASAA in ActionAt ASAA you will receive detailed classroom lectures and comprehensive hands-on training from not only Taylor, "The Professional's Professional," as Guns & Ammo HANDGUNS magazine refers to him, but from four of the five 4-Weapon Combat MastersTM as well. Whether you're a brand-new gun owner interested in home or vehicle defense or an experienced shooter, ASAA's Master instructors will bring out the very best in you.
Chuck Taylor in action


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